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Local & Honest

Mountain Autotech is a fully accredited repair facility aimed at providing Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and surrounding areas with quality automotive services. We have earned a reputation for quick, reliable and affordable service.

Experienced & Low Cost

Don’t waste your time and money servicing your vehicle at a car dealership, we are a cost effective alternative and we pride ourselves on the level of quality and service our trained technicians provide to you and your vehicle.

Foreign & Domestic

No matter your car make or model, we are qualified to repair and service all domestic and foreign cars, trucks, and SUVs. We also offer specialized services for high-end European makes including BMW, Audi, and Volvo.


We offer more than just car repair.

Tire Services

We provide a full range of tire and wheel services to keep your vehicle always ready for a smooth ride. This includes flat tire repair, tire rotation, wheel balancing, installation of new or winter tires, and more. We offer unbeatable prices and uur dedicated technicians are well trained to work on any kind of tire, whether it's high performance tires, winter tires, or all-season truck tires. We stock and sell all popular brands including Sailun, Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama, BFGoodrich, Uniroyal and more.

Oil Change

Oil is the life-blood of the vehicle and as such requires special attention to make sure its changed regularly so your car keeps running smoothly. Changing your oil as recommended by the car manufacturer is important and necessary for your vehicle and can help you avoid costly problems. By brining your vehicle to Mountain Autotech, we will select the correct viscosity grade oil and perform the oil and filter change so your car keeps running as it should.

Wheel Allignment

Proper wheel alignment is important to the health and safety of your car or truck. If you hit a massive pothole, you might bump your suspension out of the carefully calculated positions its been set at. At Mountain Autotech, we use the best and most sophisticated tools in the industry, like the John Beam Visualizer 3D, to ensure that your vehicle's wheels are properly aligned.

SRS Airbag Module Repair

SRS Airbags and the computer controlling it are designed to only work once. Once an airbag has been deployed, the airbag needs to be replaced and the computer needs to be reset. Dealerships and diagnostic tools can clear the fault and error codes but will not remove CRASH DATA, meaning that will have you buy a new one. At Mountain Autotech we can fix that for you. We are one of the few repair facilities in Hamilton and the surrounding area that offers this type of service - stop paying for new or used airbag modules, get them repaired with us and save.


At Mountain Autotech, our technicians know your vehicle's brake system inside and out. From drum brakes to disc brakes and even electronic anti-lock brake sensors, we have you and your vehicle covered.

Regular brake inspection should be part of your vehicle's maintenance and will ensure safety and reliability. At Mountain Autotech, we recommend you have your brakes inspected once a year. Our inspection can reveal if repair is required and our technicians can perform these repairs to ensure your vehicle's reliability and safety.


No one likes a dead battery. At Mountain Autotech, our technicians can test your battery, replace it when necessary, and ensure that your car will start when you need it to. We offer major brands to ensure the performance and reliability that your vehicle requires.

Mufflers & Exhaust

Your vehicle's muffler is designed to reduce noise as well as reduce harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere.

At Mountain Autotech we offer a full range of service options for your muffler and exhaust system, from high-end performance systems to value oriented replacements, making sure you get exactly what you need for the price you want.

Belts & Hoses

Over time, belts and hoses loose their ability to expand and contract and eventually dry out and crack. A sudden malfunction of these inexpensive but important parts can leave you with costly repairs.

By bringing your vehicle to Mountain Autotech you can avoid these breakdowns and the repairs associated with them. Our service technicians are trained to spot potential problems that can occur with your vehicle's belts and hoses and perform the necessary replacements so you can ensure reliable operation of your vehicle.

Steering & Suspension

In order to ensure a safe ride, your vehicle's suspension system needs to be able to absorb bumps and offer smooth steering to maintain control. A fully functional steering and suspension system is vital to your safety.

At Mountain Autotech, our technicians have all the know-how to diagnose and repair problems associated with your vehicle's steering and suspension systems. We also have the tools and equipment necessary to correct any alignment issues your vehicle may have.

& Much More

At Mountain Autotech we're committed to maintaining the safety and reliability of your vehicle and our technicians are trained to perform factory-recommended maintenance for your vehicle. We have preventive maintenance packages that include oil and filter change, tire rotation, and a visual inspection of all major systems, including: engine, transmissions, brakes and steering. We also offer services to help diagnose and repair problems with your vehicle's cooling system as well as preventive maintenance services that help ensure these type of problems never arise.

Specialized Services

We know that high-end vehicles require high-end care and service. Service that you just can’t find in traditional auto repair shops in Hamilton and the surrounding area. At Mountain Autotech, we are committed to providing dealer quality service without the ridiculous dealer prices. Your vehicle deserves the best, come to Mountain Autotech and find out why we’re the smart alternative to your vehicle dealership.

Audi & Volkswagen Services

For Audi owners: Audi performance is the result of 80 years of German engineering experience. This reputation requires service and care from experienced professionals that understand your Audi inside and out. At Mountain Autotech, our professionals have not only the experience but also the tools to help properly diagnose and service your Audi.

For Volkswagen owners: Canadians love their Volkswagen vehicles, which explains why they are among the most popular vehicles in Canada. To help keep Canadians in love with their Volkswagen vehicles, Mountain Autotech offers superior service and care.

BMW & Mini Services

For BMW owners: The Ultimate Driving Experience™ demands the ultimate service experience. Mountain Autotech goes above and beyond to provide you with outstanding support for all your part and service needs. Get the peace of mind that comes with receiving quality high-performance care for your vehicle, ensuring that it will always drive like a BMW.

For Mini owners: We know your Mini is all about fun and excitement. At Mountain Autotech, our specialized Mini services and repairs can ensure that same fun and excitement never ends. We provide the same professional services and repairs you come to expect but with the personalized care and attention that you and your Mini deserve.

Acura & Honda Services

For Acura owners: Your Acura has been designed with unprecedented levels or performance, leading-edge technology and meticulous quality. To keep your Acura in optimum condition year-round, bring it to Mountain Autotech where our trained and qualified service technicians can provide you and your vehicle with the quality and performance that is the hallmark of Acura. You'll get the same level of expertise and efficient service you can expect at the dealer but without the price.

For Honda owners: At Mountain Autotech, our technicians know your Honda inside and out. Our technicians are trained and experienced with all aspects of your Honda and can provide unparalleled expertise and courteous service when you and your vehicle need it the most.


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